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WELCOME to NEMO33 (33m - 33°) !

NEMO33, one of the deepest pools in the world located in Brussels.

Opened in 2004, NEMO33 was designed to make scuba diving safe and comfortable all year round. Thanks to the clear and warm water, we welcome divers and freedivers of all levels in a pleasant and safe environment, for training purposes or just for the pleasure of weightlessness.

NEMO33 is a forerunner in the field of deep indoor diving, and will allow you to evolve underwater by passing through several platforms, by taking the tunnel or by visiting the caves located at 10 meters deep..

Try tropical diving in the heart of Europe. And why not enjoy a gourmet menu underwater? We can organise this too and offer you this original experience.

This environment also allows swimmers and sportsmen to practice their sport or to maintain their form by taking advantage of the benefits of the warm water.

Recently, Nemo33 has expanded. Soon, you will can also try our facilities in Scouffleny, near Nivelles or in Haute-Savoie, not far from Geneva.






Stage enfants

285€ Lunch included.

NL: 3-7/7/2023 & 7-11/8/2023

FR: 10-14/7/2023 & 21-25/8/2023

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Kids birthday's

o celebrate his birthday, your child and his friends immerse themselves in the warm and clear water of NEMO33. Accompanied by 3 experienced instructors, the children discover in a playful way the first sensations of scuba diving, especially the most pleasant one: weightlessness.

The equipment provided is adapted to children: mask, fins, stabilizing waistcoat, regulator and air tank.
The young divers do not descend very deep; the diving takes place at a shallow depth (- 5 metres maximum). Water games are offered during the baptism.
During this time, parents and friends can watch the small group through the large windows of the bar/restaurant while enjoying a drink.

At the end of the adventure, the children return to the restaurant to share their experience over a delicious cake.

Refresh your level

Haven't dived for a long time? Are you looking for an instructor to accompany you? For certified divers whose last dive was more than 6 months ago, the refresher course allows you to rediscover the sensations of diving and the ease under water in complete safety.

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Current opening times of our DIVE SHOP

Monday to Friday from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm
Saturday from 10am to 6pm
Sunday from 11am to 3pm


Our restaurant THAÏ 33 is open 7/7 all year round
Lunch 16,50 €