Diving groups (Scuba group)



Slots available to clubs and groups of more than 10 scuba divers.


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  Saturday Sunday
10-11 AM    
11-12 AM    
2-3 PM    
3-4 PM    
7-8 PM    


The basic price for the minimum 10 divers slot is 230 euros to be paid online at the time of booking.
The balance is to be paid directly on site depending on the chosen formula and the final number of participants.
Discover our packages here:
for groups of 10 to 24 divers

for groups of 24 to 50 divers


Only the tank is included in the price. You can take your own equipment, except the tank. The following items are available for hire on site without reservation:

  1. mask 3 €
  2. fins 3 €
  3. stabilizing jacket (BCD) 3 €
  4. regulator 3 €
  5. computer 3 €

Dive bags must be stored in the lockers in the changing rooms.


The dive lasts 1 hour and is compulsory in pairs.

H-30 min. Meeting at the reception with your certificate
H-15 min. go to the changing room
H+00 min. Safety briefing at the poolside and equipment assembly
T+10 min.  Launching into the water
T+45 min. Ascent to the 5-metre plateau
T+55 min. exit from the water and removal of the suit


Steps to follow:

  1. Book your SCUBA GROUP time slot here.
  2. Download the table of proposed packages.
  3. Choose your formula and send directly the completed document to dive@nemo33.com.
  4. Fill in the diver commitment form and send it back to dive@nemo33.com at least 10 days before your arrival.
    This document includes the date, time, names and certificates of ALL participants. It will be signed on site before the session by ALL participants and countersigned by the instructor in charge of the group.

Access conditions

For more information, please contact the reception desk:

dive@nemo33.com or 00.32(0)2.332.33.34 (closed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM)