Cardio-muscular training and water fun combined. 

From 12 years old.

Come and tone your body while enjoying the benefits of water.

With the aquafitness group class, you will refine your figure, burn calories in a progressive way while taking advantage of the resistance of the water and the sensations that the water heated to 33° provides. Aquafitness is available in 5 versions: aquabike, aquagym, aquajump, aquayoga and aquapower.

  • Aquabike: to firm up your legs, build up your back and buttocks and improve your posture. A complete sport, with music, accessible to women and men of all ages.
  • Aquagym: thanks to the resistance of the water, aquagym allows you to firm up your chest, arms and shoulders, while building up your abdominal muscles and buttocks. A gentle sport accessible to women and men of all ages.
  • Aquajump: toning gymnastics on a small individual trampoline set at a depth of 1m30. A steady rhythm to dynamic music. Not recommended for people with serious back and joint pain.
  • Aquapower: optimises muscular and cardio-vascular work. This activity shapes the figure. More dynamic and more tonic than aquagym, this course is inspired by the Body-pump. Not recommended for people with respiratory problems or tendonitis.
  • Aquayoga: Allows you to re-energise yourself with full awareness, while working on your balance. Regain your physical and emotional well-being. Not recommended for non-swimmers.



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Information :


Do you have an unforeseen problem? You can cancel your session yourself free of charge up to 4 hours before the activity. To unsubscribe, go to "My basket". You will then get your session back.
After this time, you will lose your session, unless you provide a medical certificate proving your inability to perform the planned activity.